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Welcome to Park Youth Lacrosse Program, better known as PYL. This is the home of the Hornets youth lacrosse program. This website is our primary method of communication to you throughout the season. There is a feedback button, and we do welcome feedback both positive and constructive criticism. We hope that you find this site to be user friendly, informative and useful. Please make sure you check out lots of places on this website with your child, as we try to make it a place to learn things and find fun stuff out about lacrosse.


PYL is committed to serving the children of Florham Park, East Hanover and Hanover Township who are interested in learning to be well rounded individuals and who are willing to learn the great sport of Lacrosse as well as be taught life lessons along the way.  All players will follow the "ROOTS" approach to the game as outlined by U.S. Lacrosse and the Positive Coaching Alliance.


R = Respect the game
O = Respect the 
Officials and Coaches
O = Respect your 
T = Respect your 
S = Respect your


All members will follow this philosophy as it is the cornerstone for success in sports and life.

The philosophy of PYL is quite different from most other youth programs. The emphasis here is on the children.

The sport of lacrosse continues its explosive growth in New Jersey. Lacrosse has become the fastest growing team sport in the United States!






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Our Mission:   Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Florham Park, East Hanover and Hanover Township by providing a fun, safe, and positive environment to teach the game of lacrosse, and to teach promote sportsmanship and respect by all players towards coaches, teammates, and opponents on the field of play.

Our Goal:  All players, coaches & teams reflect role-model sportsmanship behavior on and off the field while learning & teaching the fundamental skills and teamwork required to play the game of lacrosse well.  PYL provides training, guidance and age-specific rules of play for all participating coaches & referees with a particular focus on ensuring player safety and a positive, fun-filled experience for all involved. 

We honor the game here!